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easy & memorable

Be creative but make it memorable and ensure that it’s easy to pronounce and remember. Unique, brand-able names are much more memorable and likely to be shared. A domain name cannot contain spaces your can however use underscores and hyphens.


registered trademarks

Before registering a domain, make sure your chosen name is not trademarked. These infringements can result in the owner of the trademark claiming your hard work and sometimes profits from the website as their own. This will also rule out many unavailable options.

be clear

clarity is all

It’s also important to be very clear about your chosen name. If possible ensure that your domain name should immediately convey what your website and business is about and this Includes niche appropriate keywords in your domain name can signal to Google how your site is relevant.


appropriate extensions

Now that you’re ready, finally, choose an appropriate domain extension. Example, a .com domain is more universal but depending on your needs or nature of business, you might have to choose a different option which may be more geographical, like a,, or a category for example, .pro .store, etc.

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